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The hamlet of Pottageville is situated on the Aurora-Schomberg Road at the corner of the 7th concession.  It was named for Edward Pottage, a bailiff and leading citizen of the area.  Mr. Pottage owned one hundred acres of land on the southeast corner of the main intersection during 1844-79.  Pottageville was situated in the midst of an excellent timber stand, and as a result, two sawmills were busily engaged there at an early date.  The Cedarville Mill, on the west side of the 7th concession, north of the main corner, was the first stationary sawmill to operate in King Township, and it was the last to cease operation.  Pottageville post office opened on the south side of the Aurora-Schomberg Road, east of the intersection with concession 7, on the property owned by Edward Pottage. The post office opened in 1876 and closed in 1887 and during that period the postmaster was George N. Munshaw.  The mail was delivered by stage-coach, which in addition to carrying the mail to the local post offices provided needed transportation for the settlers in the area.  The post office reopened in 1889 and closed again in 1900.  In 1906, it opened one again with John Evans as the postmaster.  At that time, the Schomberg and Aurora Railway was operating, and a small open station stood on the 7th concession north of the main Pottageville corner.  The hamlet had a hotel, blacksmith shop, tannery, and store.  Several coopers were engaged in making barrels for the prosperous potash trade. 

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Home of Edward Pottage,
Photo from Early Settlement of King/ Elizabeth McClure Gillham






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