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Album of Oldies / Gillham,  Elizabeth McClure

Early Settlement of King / Gillham, Elizabeth McClure

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Tweedsmuir History - Snowball




Snowball is located at the intersection of the 3rd concession and 17th sideroad.  It was first called Coates Corners, then Hainstock’s Corners and lastly, Snowball.  There are several stories of how the name Snowball originated.  In 1891, the decision was made by the settlers to purchase a church building that had been closed in Vaughan Township, the history of which is curious.  In 1850 a log church was built and it is reported that when the men were erecting it, they pegged the joints so full of snow that work was delayed until the snow melted.  As a result, it was decide that the church would be named Snowball. This original log church was destroyed by fire, but the Vaughan Primitive Methodist rebuilt the church and painted it white. It is this church that was moved from Vaughan to Snowball in 1891. Another story mentions that in 1891, Charles Blaker planed a wood board, painted the name “Snowball” and nailed it high on front of the Methodist Church which was painted white with a white picket fence and that is the name by which the whole area has been known.  The first school in the area was built in 1820, on the northeast corner of lot 20, concession 3.  The school was a roughly built log house, about 16’x24’.  A frame school opened on lot 21,west half, concession 2 in 1854, with James van Every as the teacher.  In 1866, a red brick school was built on the same property.  It was not until 1891 that S.S. No. 10, King was called Snowball school. 
In 1957, an acre of land adjoining the school grounds to the north was purchased, and in 1958, because of the increased enrolment, a two-room school was built on the same property but west of the former school and the old school closed.  In 1967, the old building was reopened, as a third classroom was required.  Snowball school, S.S. No. 10, King, was finally closed in 1971. 

Snowball picture

Snowball Church,
Photo from Album of Oldies/ Elizabeth McClure Gillham







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