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Soldiers from King
Our Soldiers, Our Families Great War 1914-1918

King Township Soldiers who served in the Great War.
These soldiers were either born in King Township or were living here
at the time of enlistment.


Acreman, Albert Acreman, Leonard Adair, Cecil Albert Agar, Joseph Matthew
Agar, Mary Agnew, Alvah Xanthe Aitchison, Allan Allen, James
Andrews, Charles Andrews, Walter Henry Anning, Edgar Archibald, James Anderson
Archibald, James Samuel Armstrong, Samuel Joseph Ash, William Percival Delmar Ashbury, Wilfred
Atkinson, John Leonard Badger, Edgar Bainbridge, George Ball, Septimus Telford
Banting, Cecil Percival Lee Barnes, Clifford Bell, Melville Beynon, Clayton Elmore
Bishop, George William Bond, Horace Perry Bovair, Arthur Bovair, Harold William
Bovair, Thomas Henry Bowhey, Clarence Henry Bowler, William George Boys, Harold William
Brown, Arthur Charles Brown, Emanuel Brown, Frank Wilfred Brown, Harold Joseph
Brown, Levi Phillip Brown, Sherman Rogers Brown, Stanley Charles Brown, Vincent Egbert
Brown, William Edgar Brown, William Harold Brydon, Andrew Hylson Burdett, A.
Burgess, George Burton, Harry Butler, Percy Cain, Harold Ross
Cain, William Lyman Cairns, William Farren Cairns, Arwood Leslie Campbell, Archibald Albert
Campbell, Harold Jerome Campbell, John Campbell, Lorne DeVers Campbell, Norman Earl
Campbell, Thomas John Carney, Robert Joseph Carter, Thomas Pilsworth Chamberlain, Christopher Isaac
Chamberlain, William James Chapman, George Frederick Chapman, Frank Howard Clark, Alfred Edwin
Clarke, Henry Selby Clift, Russell Cornelius Coates, Joseph Thomas Cole, Albert Victor
Collins, Thomas Henry Cook, Richard Milroy Cook, Robert Harold Burton Corless, John Henry
Coupland, Earle Edward Courtney, Harry Charles Courtney, Thomas Henry Creighton, Stanley Dixon
Crossley, Charles Carlton Crossley, Elwood Wyman Cull, Daniel Joseph Curtis, Frederick William
Cutting, William Matthew

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