Curbside Pickup FAQs

1. Is the Library open?

The library is not permitting any inside visits.  Curbside pickup for holds and photocopying/scanning/fax/printing services are available during curbside hours.  We encourage you to use our mobile printing service for easy pick up.

2. What is curbside service?

Curbside service is a way for the Library to lend books and materials to the public in a safe way during a public health emergency like the COVID–19 Pandemic. Patrons will be able to place holds on almost all library materials.  When notified that your hold is available for pickup, visit the library during curbside hours to retrieve your hold.  You do not need an appointment.

3. Do I need a car for curbside pickup?

No. Curbside service simply means you pick up your books outside of your branch at a designated location. Feel free to ride a bike or walk if you’d like.

4. How do I return my materials?

All Library materials can be returned to a drop box at any KTPL branch location at any time. 

5. Are you still charging fines?

Currently, fines are not being charged for late materials.  We continue to charge for lost and damaged materials.

6. How do I place a hold?

You can place books and materials on hold through the Library’s online catalogue with your library card. This video shows you how easy it is!  Alternatively, Library staff are also happy to help you find the books and materials you are looking for over the phone and place the holds for you. Contact your local branch.

7. Can I browse books?

You can safely browse materials via our online catalogueOur branches also provide a small variety of books on display in our pick up areas.  You can also take advantage of our Grab+Go bags that have been carefully curated by Library staff; there are many topics and genres to choose from.

8. What if I have mobility issues and can not leave my vehicle?

We can place your items directly into the trunk of your vehicle. Please contact the branch ahead of time so we can arrange this.

9. How is the library maintaining the health and safety of patrons and staff?

The contactless curbside pickup model we are using provides maximum physical distancing for the safety of our patrons and our staff. We also provide our staff with PPE, such as masks and gloves.  The Library is no longer quarantining returned items as per provincial government amendments.

10. When will you open your doors?

The Library is following the orders of the provincial government and aligning ourselves with King Township, and we will continue to keep everyone informed regarding changes and available services as decisions are made and plans are confirmed through the media, our social media platforms and our website.