Bell's Lake

Bell’s Lake was located south of Linton (Linton was on the corner of 9th concession (Highway 27) and the 17th sideroad) and north of the 16th sideroad on the 9th concession.  On the 1860 map, the settlement in that location was called Kingsville, and at that time was reported to have been a fair-sized village, bigger than Nobleton, containing a store, lumber mill, reaping machine shop, and inn.  In 1889, the name was changed to Loch Erne.  There was a hotel by the lake built in 1890 by a man named Bell from which Bell’s Lake settlement was named.  The hotel housed overnight guest and had a dining room and open bar, as well as a livery stable.  The hotel was demolished in 1912.  There was a store and dance hall that continued for many years.  The children from Linton and Bell’s Lake (Loch Erne) first attended S.S. No. 5, King school in New Scotland, located on the 16th sideroad between the 7th and 8th concession.  In 1894, the Linton schoolhouse, S.S. No. 18, King was built north of Bell’s Lake. The first structure was of logs, but was later replaced by a brick building. The school closed in 1964 when the new school opened in Nobleton.  The Linton schoolhouse was demolished in 1968.   

Bell's Lake pastoral scene
Photo from Album of Oldies, Elizabeth McClure Gillham


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