King City

The hamlet of Springhill, which became the village of King, and subsequently of King City, extended east and west of concession 4 and north and south of the King sideroad (sideroad 14). It originally included lots 3 to 7 inclusive in the west half of concession 3, and the east half of concession 4.  The name Springhill was given to the hamlet on account of the presence of a great many springs in the immediate area.  In 1836, Nathaniel Pearson Crossley purchased the east half of lot 6, concession 4, consisting of 100 acres.  In 1890, James Whiting Crossley, son of N.P. Crossley, was elected Reeve of King Township.  He circulated a petition asking the Municipal  Council of King Township to set aside 1,000 acres (Lots 3 to 7), as an incorporated village to be known as the village of King City.  The village became a Police Village in 1934, and continued as such until regional government began on January 1, 1971. 

Isaac Dennis had a hotel in 1853 on the north side of Station Road, a short distance west of the 4th concession.  The sheds in connection with the hotel were on the south side of the road.  Dennis gave the land for a station when it was learned that the railway was coming through the area.  King Station was built in 1853. The Dennis Hotel was purchased by Isaac McBride.  Isaac Dennis built a second licensed hotel about 1855 at the main corner (King sideroad and Keele St. (4th concession).  His daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan ran the hotel for nearly 50 years. “Hogan’s Hotel” at the “Four Corners” had a dance hall above the stables, which were built south of the hotel. 

A general store known as Crawford Wells Store near the intersection of Keele St. (4th concession) and King sideroad was built about 1863 by Benjamin Lloyd.  In 1900, James Archibald McDonald bought the business for his two sons John and Frank.  John McDonald ran the store until his death in 1914.  His wife Elizabeth continued to operate the business until it was taken over by their son Wells (Toppy), and a nephew, Crawford Wells.

McDonald's store in King City
McDonald Store, 1907  (Crawford Wells Store) 
Photo from Early Settlements of King Township/ Elizabeth McClure Gillham


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