Challenging Queer Disinformation


Join pflag to learn about the resurgence of transphobic and other anti-LGBTQ2+ rhetoric and policy-making across the country. This workshop will focus on policy and statements rooted in deceptive reasoning as they twist the facts and appeal to a parent/caregiver’s worst fears to justify discriminatory positions against transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse community members. The workshop will also challenge how we confront sources of disinformation and consume news content today. 

This workshop is for everyone. From parents, caregivers, and community members struggling to navigate discriminatory conversations to the general public who are open to learning more as they try to navigate the cultural discourse around trans and gender-diverse folks. We all have a part to play to ensure we recognize facts as facts and understand how and where we consume news shape how we navigate our daily lives and make decisions which impact everyone in our communities.

This workshop is brought to you in collaboration with pflag York Region, Richmond Hill Public Library, Newmarket Public Library, and Markham Public Library. 

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